Formed in 2008, The Beatenpath is a bi-coastal musical collaboration between sisters Lena Boone and Gwen Beyer. The pair were steeped in music from an early age, and share a father in Jerry Yester ( of the Lovin Spoonful and MFQ fame). Lena toured with the Spoonful for more than half a decade, while Gwen focused her gaze on poetry, with numerous published works/ local TV appearances.

Their 2010 self titled debut, was initially planned as Gwen's first album with Lena producing. It quickly became clear they each had talents that were neatly aligned to mesh with the other. With Lena's amazing acumen for richly textured production paired to Gwen's lush, lyrically haunting prose, a unique blend of genres collide and coalesce into an aural feast of moody alternative pop.

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