From Music Street Journal

  The Beatenpath
Exerpt Review by G. W. Hill
Sisters Lena Boone and Gwen Beyer come by musical talent through their DNA. Their father is Jerry Yester of The Lovin’
Spoonful. So, it should be no surprise they’ve created a strong album. Just how strong, though, might be unexpected. This will
likely make the “best of 2012” list of some reviewers. The motif that opens “Where I Rest – Sleep Now My Darling” has an almost Pink Floyd-like bombast, but the layers of sound bring a rather symphonic meets electronic progressive rock sound to the table. Again Clannad or Enya are valid references in terms of the vocals, but the ethereal, dreamy nature of the music is powerful. Somehow parts of the later arrangement even call to mind Procol Harum a bit. When it shifts out to the second titled section, it might be the best movement of the whole disc. An intricate and beautiful piano arrangement serves as the backdrop for some of the most captivating and haunting vocals here.

 Critiquing the album, MusicDish reviewers said, “The Beatenpath’s musical style is a blend of lyrical melodies and orchestral elements that are reminiscent of the folk rock group Simon & Garfunkel, and the pop and electronica genres. “Solace” is a refreshingly innovative album that provides something cool and creative for music lovers of all genres who are seeking something that’s genuine and truly artistic; not just an album that fit the major label mold of today where everything sounds alike. The entire album is quite enjoyable, but the tracks “I Heard Between” and “Where I Rest” really resonated with me. “I Heard Between” takes a look at how much we’ve given up as a society and as individuals, and questions whether we can regain control of our destination without resorting to war. The vocal leads have what you’ll find throughout this CD beautiful voices that blend in harmony perfectly. Somber synthesizer and strings on the keyboard patch really wrap around the phrasing of the song, with nice tempo changes, buzzy bass, a rock drum beat, and percussion. “Sleep Now My Darling”, written by Lena Boone, is similar to a pop opera lullaby with classical piano, and it sounds as if it was recorded in a big cathedral. There is a sad beauty to the melody, as the lead vocalist sings to a child sleeping beside her. There is real conviction and power in the vocal delivery and in the message as well. The composition works well with a piano accompaniment.”