From the album The Beatenpath


When you reach, do you know what you reach for
when you reach for more
when you give, do you give a little more
than what you take
do you realize when you’re lost
who you are, who you’ve always been
shines in the dark

Can you see the blindness
on the face with a vacant stare
remind yourself that life is strange
it will be easier to bare
try to lose yourself
but your judgment is much too harsh
you’d barter it all for a glimpse
of all that has been lost
it’s not the push into destruction
it’s what leads you there
it’s not the fact you disappear
it’s that the truth is never clear
it’s not the pull to something better
it’s what leads you on
it’s not that you know you’re right
but the certainty you’re never wrong

When I was young I believed in it all
I knew anything could happen
when I blew out the candles
sometimes I catch sight of what I knew
outside of my room
every day was new and there was room
for everything
how did the world get so small
how did I end up not believing
in anything at all
images that filled my head are lonely echoes instead
tell myself I’m wasting time of what has long gone by
but I keep searching for the part of me that once believed